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Dr. Brown totally changed the course of my career!  I had aspirations to leadership, but the path forward wasn’t clear to me at all.  Dr. Brown gave me guidance when I wanted it and inspiration when I needed it, leading me to the vibrant and fulfilling role I have now!


Dr. Rupa J. Dainer
Medical Director, Ambulatory Surgical Center
Chief Surgical Officer, PSV



I was very fortunate to have met my mentor Dr. Brown early in my career. He taught me the importance of making a career plan that allowed me to pursue my academic interests in research and continually improve clinical anesthesia expertise. Dr. Brown’s wisdom and excellent mentorship has made me into the happy and successful anesthesiologist I am today!


Dr. Angela Truong

Associate Professor

UT-MD Anderson Cancer Center


How I wish I had experienced the executive wisdom and career guidance of Dr. David Brown twenty year earlier in my career instead of the tail end! Dave was and is a superb mentor and model coach for the following reasons: he possesses the greater insight and longer view on the challenges in my personal and professional life; he strongly encourages me to speak openly to create the sharp questions for redirecting my thinking and allowing me to see other possibilities; and he coaches to my strengths with compassion, finesse, and gracious humility. The result was I flourished, both as an individual and as a professional, and his influence abides with me today.


Dr. Michael O’Connor

Past Chair, Department of Cardiothoracic Anesthesia

Cleveland Clinic




Dr. Brown has been a phenomenal mentor throughout my medical career!  He is compassionate, insightful, and has a genuine desire to understand me as a person and my career goals.  He is a constant source of encouragement and provides vital feedback to help me achieve my goals and inspire me to challenge myself further.  I am truly grateful for him as a friend and mentor.  I would not be who I am without his excellent mentorship!


Dr. Crystal M. Manohar

Critical Care Anesthesiologist

San Antonio Military Medical Center


My journey in quality and compliance management and evolution as a leader started with Dr. Brown recognizing that I was asking the right questions about value-based purchasing. He provided our “young physician” group with an article on complex adaptive systems during one of our mentoring sessions. That introduction led me to artificial intelligence applications in healthcare.  One small step by a mentor like him creates a giant leap for mentee.


Dr. Piyush Mather

Critical Care Anesthesiologist and Artificial Intelligence Leader

Cleveland Clinic

I was well beyond midstream in my career when I first me Dr. Brown.  He quickly impressed me during his interview visit when he sat down with a group of us and asked us questions about our department.  He had with him a 5-inch thick notebook with a sheet on all of us, as well as other information.  He seemed to be extraordinarily prepared for his visit.  When he became our Chair, I was again impressed when he would show up at 630 AM to help us with our first-round epidural placements.  He is an outstanding teacher and physician and had a great touch with patients.  I would often see him in the OR area carrying on conversations with a wide variety of people-residents, nurses, technicians, and housekeeping personnel.  These are just the tip of the iceberg in the many ways in which Dr. Brown has inspired me and made me a better physician and person.  I am grateful for having had the opportunity to work with him.


Dr. R. Michael Ritchey

Staff Anesthesiologist 

Director, Adult Medical Emergency Team

Cleveland Clinic



Dave has been a friend and mentor for over a decade.  He is a wealth of experience, and practical knowledge, providing invaluable guidance in navigating challenging leadership decisions.  He has a knack for distilling problems to their essence and applying solutions grounded in the virtues of honesty, empathy, and integrity. 


Dr. Steve Kimatian FAAP

Anesthesiologist in Chief

Children’s Medical Center Dallas

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