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How Do You Find Your First Real Job?

After sequential, four-plus year blocks of undergraduate work, then medical school, then residency training, and often a fellowship, you are ready to find your first real position in medicine. “How do I do that?” is the question so often confusing to otherwise well-trained physicians. The binary decision is often framed academics or private practice. It is more consequential and complicated than framed that way.

There are few professions in which the first truly independent decision about the best next career step is put off until an individual is 30+ years of age! There is a good deal of delayed gratification impacting the decision for the individual and their family. Further, most physicians at this point have little experience in the business side of medicine.

Important in building your plan for finding the ideal post-training position is to have created a career development plan prior to the need to execute on it. Once again, an unbiased and experienced mentor is invaluable during this process. Mentorship is important; nurture that relationship. Additionally, make sure your mentor is successful and listens to your heart and head!

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