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Clear Consults - Our Approach

You will hold an initial phone or video meeting with Dave, so your goals are clarified. Using the time-tested model of TTS (theme - trajectory – service) framing of career growth, together you will design a career advancement plan meets your goals. One of our keys is personalizing your development plan to you as a unique individual, with your own skills, strengths and affinities.

Selected readings will be made available to you, and most importantly, Dave will bring his experience working with talented physicians to each of your discussions. His career has taken him from the USAF, to being head of academic medicine teams across elite institutions, in leadership on many promotion committees,  to leadership of national organized medicine groups. He understands what builds successful professional careers. He is also a sounding board for ideas and strategy development if you are already a leader and looking for a senior – corner office - advisor for an already established career. Nothing brings Dave more satisfaction than helping you build success upon success.


The steps are:
1. Contact Dave via email to find convenient time for meeting that fits into your schedule
2.  Join Dave in initial phone or video meeting to develop a strategy for your collaboration with ClearConsults; be prepared to share your CV, if not in text, then verbally

3. After agreeing upon an approach, you will receive selected readings, and possibly some homework to bring to the future sessions.
4. Future meetings will adjusted to your schedule, and you will join Dave at those times. Ideas for a stepwise career development plan will be jointly developed
5. This sequence will repeat itself to optimize your career development and will be scheduled as needed.

Dave is always available to you if questions arise. 

Click on the PDF icon to review introductory slide deck
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